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      Rowdies by West Paw

      Introducing Rowdies, West Paw's NEW assortment of guaranteed durable plush dog toys. West Paw combined the durability and safety of their award-winning Zogoflex material with a proprietary reinforced mesh backed fabric to create a furry plush toy that lasts.  And we guarantee it!

      Tested for toughness and durability, Rowdies only had a 20% DAMAGE RATE, performing equal to or better than the competition in extensive testing. Embroidered eyes enhance durability and Rowdies can be tossed into the washing machine once playtime is over.

      Rowdies are made from HardyTex, a tough plush fabric that has been reinforced with a mesh backing for enhanced durability. West Paw developed HardyTex exclusively for durable plush products, and tested it to ensure its toughness surpasses standard plush fabrics.

      West Paw used their innovative Zogoflex materia (used to make heir Toppl and Bumi toys, among others)to create areas designated for dogs who love to gnaw, chomp and chew.

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