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      Keeping your dog safe in the car

      Keeping your dog safe in the car
      An harness-like invention gives dogs a degree of freedom and space when in a vehicle while also keeping them away from distracting drivers or causing harm to themselves when on the road with you.

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      Dog "Flirt Poles" you can DIY

      Dog "Flirt Poles" you can DIY

      By Kate Young Flirt poles are basically cat toys for dogs. They're great for keeping your hands safe during games of tug-- the pole and rope will put a few feet between dog teeth and your fingers. They can really help a dog burn energy, indoors or outdoors, without you, dear human, having to run laps. We sell flirt poles by Squishy Face at our store, but we also have lots of clients who make their own. Here's how. You only need three things:

      Step 1: Cut your pipe. You choose the length. I think it should probably be a minimum of two feet but you can go longer or shorter as you'd like. Step 2: Pull rope through pipe. Step 3: Tie a knot at the end of the rope so it won't slide through.  Step 4: Decide on the length of the rope. No right answer here! Your flirt pole, your choice! Step 5: Tie toy to the end of rope. Knot it well as it will take a beating! You can also tie a ball at the end if you prefer. Step 6: Marvel at your exciting dog toy! Here is one of our homemade flirt poles in action!

      3 Lickable Treats We Love

      3 Lickable Treats We Love

      At SFTD, we're big fans of these Liquid Treat Dispensers. With a light squeeze your dog will be paying close attention to anything you say - whenever, wherever. And your hands will be crumb and grease free!  These handy dispensers can be filled with peanut butter, cream cheese, baby food, wet food...or any lickable/spreadable treat. Here are a few of our favorites:

        1. Weruva Dog Pumpkin Pouch: Whether you decide to serve this as is, frozen into cubes or even a popsicle, Weruva's pumpkin supplement is a great source of fibers and can help support your pet's digestive system.
        2. Kalles Cod Roe For Dogs: A Scandinavian Lickable Dog Training Treat: While it is made for human consumption, Kalles Cod Roe makes a great treat for dogs. We like to deliver it straight from the tube and if you happen to get some on your finger, lick it off yourself! We promise: It's really good. Our dog clientst think so, too.
        3. West Paw Creamy Dog Treat:  We're thrilled to be carrying this brand new product from one of our favorite small businesses in the US: West Paw: Lickable treats! Available in two flavors (peanut butter and banana, and beef liver with pumpkin), these can be squirted into a work-to-eat toy TopplTizziQwizl, and Tux) or licked directly from the tube. 

      For more lickable treats and dispensers, head over to Store For The Dogs.