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      These 5 US-Based Small Businesses Make Dog Products We Love

      These 5 US-Based Small Businesses Make Dog Products We Love

      You know how they say you are what you eat? Well, businesses don't really eat... but we do consume. And we help our clients consume from other businesses. If we are what we consume, then we have to admit that we are just... pretty darn awesome. That's because, as a small business, we pride ourselves on doing business with small companies who are mission-driven, just like us-- companies that believe in sustainability, fairness, equality, quality and, well, dog happiness. We cannot vouch for the practices of every company whose products we use or sell, but there are certainly some businesses we work with that really wow us with the way they operate. Here are some of the brands we sell in our shop that we think are doing particularly awesome things:


      West Paw

      west paw toys and treats West Paw, is a B Corp that designs and manufacturers all its toys and treats in Bozeman, MT. They guarantee every product they meet -- if your dog doesn't like it, or it doesn't hold up, they will take it back, no questions asked! Their proprietary Zogoflex rubber is eco-friendly; their stuffed toys are filled with stuffing made from recycled bottles. Everything they make is BPA and phthalate-free, non-toxic and FDA compliant. On top of all that: They pay their employees to help clean and maintain the local public dog park.

      Found My Animal

      found my animal Found My Animal, which makes gorgeous leashes, collars, beds and bags in upstate NY, donates part of the proceeds from their sales go to support animal welfare and rescue organizations. They also list adoptable dogs on social media and on their site. Their motto: If you cannot adopt, foster. If you cannot foster, donate. If you cannot donate, volunteer.


      Planet Dog

      planet dog sustainable dog toys Planet Dog, based in Maine, is a founding member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, an industry organization made up of companies committed to accelerate the process of creating sustainable, Earth-friendly products. Their Orbee-Tuff line, which includes one of our students' favorite toys, the Snoop) are made in the USA, which minimizes emissions from overseas transport.  Two percent of every sale goes to their Planet Dog Foundation, which funds programs that train, place and support working dogs helping people in need.



      Ruffwear, which is based in Bend, OR, makes awesome gear and toys (all made from natural, petroleum-free, sustainable rubber), specializing in harnesses and other accoutrements designed to support working dogs and their handlers. Through its Ruff Adventure Dog Adoption Program with Ruffwear covers the cost of adoption fees and travel expenses for newly adopted dogs from the Kanab, Utah sanctuary Best Friends Animal Society, and gives adopted dogs a new Ruffwear collar and leash to go home with.


      K9 Sports Sack

      k9 sport sack dog backpackThis Utah-based small business, which specializes in front-facing dog backpacks, donates a portion of its profits to rescues and shelters as part of their "No Dog Left Behind Promise."

      Why You Don’t Need High-Tech Dog Toys: Meet the Snuffle Mat

      Why You Don’t Need High-Tech Dog Toys: Meet the Snuffle Mat

      As the owner of a training facility and dog toy boutique, I keep a close eye on what’s new and interesting on the dog product market.

      In the last year or so, I’ve been inundated with vendors pitching me every kind of digital and battery-operated dog toy—from automatic ball launchers and Bluetooth-enabled bones to treat-dispensing toys that contain tiny cameras and speakers

      But earlier this year, just when I was almost convinced that high-tech gewgaws are as enticing to dogs as they are to people, I was reminded of something that observant caninophiles have known for millennia: Dogs just want to push their noses into stuff that’s stinky.

      How to Engage Your Dog’s Senses

      For many dogs, this put-nose-in-stinky-stuff impulse has long meant pursuing a major in laundry bags, or a passion for exploring the crack between the sofa cushions, or an insatiable interest in (let’s be honest) your crotch.

      But recently, a whole new kind of product has hit the market: snuffle mats. You can hardly get more low-tech than the toys in this “new” category, each of which is designed simply to hide dry food or kibble in various kinds of crannies and folds.

      I’ve found they can keep dogs busy for very long periods, and the fact that they’re easy to wash and easy to transport makes them popular with humans. Here are some of my favorite “snuffle” products on the market.

      Top 4 Dog Activity Mats and Snuffle Mats

      The Wooly by Paw5

      wooly snuffle mat

      This gray mat resembles a monochrome rag rug—indeed, you could probably use one as a bath mat in a pinch—but it’s designed for your dog’s rifling pleasure.

      Simply dribble some treats or dry food in it, and let your pup go to town trying to find the bits and pieces hidden in its stringy tendrils.

      An unexpected bonus: After mealtime, you might find your dog enjoys using it as a bed.

      Fleece Activity Mats

      fleece activity mat

      Available in three sizes, these soft, fabric activity mats offer an array of different kinds of obstacles for your dog to forage treats in, under, and through.

      The nubby rubber backing helps keep it from sliding all over the floor, and I’ve found that the largest size (which takes up roughly 8 square feet) is sometimes big enough to be enjoyed by two dogs at once without them getting grouchy with each other.

      Buster Activity Mat

      buster activity mat

      Designed in Denmark, the Buster Activity Mat is literally hundreds of toys in one.

      Its base is a mat outfitted with snaps; a variety of components can then be attached to it and folded and tied in a variety of origami-esque ways.

      Go ahead and tuck dry or dehydrated food into its various attachments. You can even hide bully sticks in some of the large pieces.

      Most of the pieces can be adjusted to be easier or harder for your dog to navigate, based on his or her skill level. The whole thing can be folded into an adorable blue duffle bag, making it a great travel toy.

      Challenger Cube

      fleece activity cube

      There are several “makers” selling homemade snuffle mats on places like Etsy, but my favorite handmade products of this ilk are made by British animal trainer Sarah White.

      In particular, I really like her “Challenger Cube,” which is a six-sided fabric cube in which you can hide lots of yumminess.

      It combines the genius of a snuffle mat with the fun of a plush toy that can be kicked around. Have a specific color scheme in mind? She’ll make your Challenger Cube to order, upon request.

      Make Your Own DIY Snuffle Mat

      Of course… there are always DIY versions.

      It’s not hard to make your own snuffle mat-style toy. One option is to cut up a bunch of old t-shirts and tie them all over the inside of a shallow milk crate, or to a sink mat (although I don’t suggest the latter if you have a heavy chewer).

      Or, simply get a cotton mop head and mix a bunch of yummy things in with the strings. Hours of fun may ensue… no batteries or Bluetooth required.

      If you’re a visual learner, check out this handy video on how easy it is to make your own snuffle mat.

      Happy snuffling!

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      Featured image of School For The Dogs' student, Hobbes, by Karina Ramirez