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      10 Dog Crates That Break The Mold

      10 Dog Crates That Break The Mold

      Crates can be a crucial part of a training plan for many dogs-- especially for puppies. They can also be indispensable for those who need to travel with a dog, either by car or air. But they've traditionally been clunky and woefully unattractive. That could be changing, however. We've found a handful of options for dog owners who are looking for more than the standard pet store crate can offer. 

      revol dog crate

      Revol Dog Crate

      Launched by the company Diggs on Kickstarter in 2018 (with a hilarious video that's worth watching), the Revol is short for "revolution," because its creators hope to "revolutionize" the world of... dog crates. Learn more about the Revol in our recent School For The Dogs Podcast episode. 

      Price: $245 for small, $325 for medium

      Small* (for dogs up to 30 lbs)

      Open External Dimensions: 26.9”L x 19.6”W x 20.3”H


      Weight: 23.2 lbs

      Medium* (for dogs up to 50 lbs): 

      Open External Dimensions: 34.7”L x 26.2”W x 24.5”H


      Weight: 30 lbs

      Via StoreForTheDogs

      dog crate

      Poplar & Plywood Side Table Crate

      Custommade in Denville, NJ, this sleek crate-cum-side-table is rare in that it is all wood, and is a great space-saver with a nice amount of openness and airflow. 

      Price: $800

      Size: Custom

      Via Etsy

      dog crate midcentury

      Mid-century Modern Pet Kennel

      Design meets functionality with this beautiful piece of furniture that will please both the dog and the humans in your home. Not suitable for large dogs, and probably not best for ones that have a sixth sense for the art of escaping locked spaces...

      Price: $1479 

      Size: 36"w x 26"d x 19" h

      Via Etsy

      dog crate

      Amp Kennel

      Inspired by amps, this fun crate is easily moved around (thanks to its casters) and has a nice open grill that will let your dog feel part of his surroundings (and let you feel like you're part of the Rolling Stones). 

      Price: $1275 

      Size: 24"w x 24"d x 24" h

      Via Etsy

      dog crate

      Proline Pro 4 Condor Crate (Small)

      A crash-tested crate made to fit the back of an SUV, the Condor is made from high-grade aluminum, and can even be outfitted with a "crash bag"--a pad that acts as a kind of air bag for dog passengers. 

      Price: $519.99

      Size: 32.08"w x 28.93"d x 27"h

      Via PetProSupplyCo

      crate dome


      Introduced more than a decade ago (when it was then priced in the low three figures), the eiCrate by GoPet, this domed crate is probably the coolest looking, and most expensive, crate on the market.

      Price: $2200

      Size: 34"w x 31"d x 34"h

      Via Etsy

      dog crate

      Omlet Fido Studio Dog Crate

      We love this simple approach to incorporating a crate into home decor at a price that isn't so much more than a comparable-sized piece of Ikea furniture.

      Price: $186.99

      Size: 39"w x 19"d x 23"h

      Via Omlet

      dog crate

      Ellipse Chrome Crate

      Made by the same people behind the eiCrate (see above), this unique round crate comes in a variety of happy colors. 

      Price: $1479 

      Size: 34"w x 31"d x 25"h

      Via Etsy

      dog crate

      Petite Pretty Kennel

      Made of clear lucite, this luxe crate is a clever option for the design-conscious owner of a dog who is ten pounds or under. 

      Price: $999

      Size: 22"w x 17"d x 18"h

      Via Etsy

      wood designer dog crate

      Handmade Redwood Crate

      Does your dog need his or her own log cabin? This nice-looking crate offers an eye-pleasing alternative to your typical metal eyesore. 

      Price: $499 

      Size: 19"w x 21"h x 25"d 

      Via Etsy

      designer dog crate

      Gunner Kennels G1 (Small)

      Gunner Kennels G1™ Small is the first and only pet travel product to receive a dual 5 Star Crash Test rating from the Center For Pet Safety. 

      Price: $349.99

      Size: 18.624"w x 20.5"h x 24.5"d

      Via Gunner Kennels

      designer dog crate

      The Pawd

      Also launched on Kickstarter last year, the Pawd is constructed from Polypropylene (the makers point out that it's the same safe material that baby bottles are made of), this cute-looking crate comes in three colors, and collapses into pieces that can be housed in a flat, easily-portable container. 

      Price: $99

      Size: 16"w x 21"h x 16.5"d

      via KindTail

      dog crate

      Staart Radius Wooden Crate (Small)

      Although reviewers report the quality seems to be not great, this small crate is one of the better-looking ones we've seen. 

      Price: $129.99

      Size: 19"w x 22"h x 22"d

      Via Amazon

      dog crate wood

      Casual Home Lattice Wooden Crate (Medium)

      Although the latch looks a little wimpy, this all-wood crate is unique and seems pretty sturdy.

      Price: $129.99

      Size: 23.5"w x 29"h x 36.5"d 

      Via Amazon

      designer dog crate

      ZenHaus (Small)

      Another crate-as-coffee-table option, this polished fiberglass option comes in three colors and two sizes.

      Price: $399.99

      Size: 24"w x 25.5"h x 34"d

      Via DenHaus