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      Choosing a Ruffwear Coat

      We're big fans of Ruffwear. One reason is that they have spent years crafting a variety of jackets built to perform no matter what winter throws your way. 

      But which style is right for your dog?



      Jackets with sleeves provide more coverage and more warmth. This style works well in really cold temps, for short-haired dogs who need a little help staying warm, or for long-haired dogs who get snowballs that form on their underside.

      For dogs with a varied shape (i.e. broader shoulders, thicker chest, neck or legs), jackets without sleeves can sometimes be easier to fit. And since they use buckles instead of zippers, they’re easy to put on – great for aging or squirmy dogs.



      Winter has it all - cold temps, dry weather, mixed precipitation, powdery snow, blustery winds. Each Ruffwear coat has key features mindfully matched to take on the varying challenges of exploring in winter weather. 

      • Waterproof/water-resistant material: great for rainy weather, wet snow conditions
      • High-loft, synthetic insulation: adds warmth in cold temps, dry snow
      • Fleece lining: adds warmth and comfort. Fully fleeced jackets (Fernie™, Climate Changer™) work as standalone insulation in dry, cool conditions, or a layering piece in colder conditions.
      • Un-lined shells: good for mild temps, windy conditions, or light rain

      Inclement weather or certain activities may call for a combination of these features, either in one jacket or as a layering system. Check out the video for a more in-depth look at each jacket and what Ruffwear's designers had in mind when developing them. The chart below compares key features in each style to help point you in the right direction.



      Ruffwear Dog Apparel Comparison ChartPowder Hound™ - Full Coverage Hybrid Insulated Winter Dog JacketCloud Chaser™ - Full Coverage Breathable Water Resistant Winter Dog JacketQuinzee™ - Puffy Packable Easy Fit Winter Dog CoatStumptown™ - Urban Style Quilted Winter Dog CoatOvercoat™ - Durable Abrasion Resistant Fleece Lined Dog CoatOvercoat Fuse™ - Strong Abrasion Resistant Fleece Lined Dog Harness CoatFernie™ - Fleece Lined Technical Knit Dog SweaterRuffwear Dog Apparel Comparison ChartClimate Changer™ Pullover - Quick Drying Breathable Fleece Dog SweaterVert™ - Waterproof Windproof Fleece Lined Winter Dog CoatSun Shower™ - Non Insulated Lightweight Dog Rain CoatWind Sprinter™ - Ultralight Packable Wind Breaker for Dogs

      These 5 US-Based Small Businesses Make Dog Products We Love

      These 5 US-Based Small Businesses Make Dog Products We Love

      You know how they say you are what you eat? Well, businesses don't really eat... but we do consume. And we help our clients consume from other businesses. If we are what we consume, then we have to admit that we are just... pretty darn awesome. That's because, as a small business, we pride ourselves on doing business with small companies who are mission-driven, just like us-- companies that believe in sustainability, fairness, equality, quality and, well, dog happiness. We cannot vouch for the practices of every company whose products we use or sell, but there are certainly some businesses we work with that really wow us with the way they operate. Here are some of the brands we sell in our shop that we think are doing particularly awesome things:


      West Paw

      west paw toys and treats West Paw, is a B Corp that designs and manufacturers all its toys and treats in Bozeman, MT. They guarantee every product they meet -- if your dog doesn't like it, or it doesn't hold up, they will take it back, no questions asked! Their proprietary Zogoflex rubber is eco-friendly; their stuffed toys are filled with stuffing made from recycled bottles. Everything they make is BPA and phthalate-free, non-toxic and FDA compliant. On top of all that: They pay their employees to help clean and maintain the local public dog park.

      Found My Animal

      found my animal Found My Animal, which makes gorgeous leashes, collars, beds and bags in upstate NY, donates part of the proceeds from their sales go to support animal welfare and rescue organizations. They also list adoptable dogs on social media and on their site. Their motto: If you cannot adopt, foster. If you cannot foster, donate. If you cannot donate, volunteer.


      Planet Dog

      planet dog sustainable dog toys Planet Dog, based in Maine, is a founding member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, an industry organization made up of companies committed to accelerate the process of creating sustainable, Earth-friendly products. Their Orbee-Tuff line, which includes one of our students' favorite toys, the Snoop) are made in the USA, which minimizes emissions from overseas transport.  Two percent of every sale goes to their Planet Dog Foundation, which funds programs that train, place and support working dogs helping people in need.



      Ruffwear, which is based in Bend, OR, makes awesome gear and toys (all made from natural, petroleum-free, sustainable rubber), specializing in harnesses and other accoutrements designed to support working dogs and their handlers. Through its Ruff Adventure Dog Adoption Program with Ruffwear covers the cost of adoption fees and travel expenses for newly adopted dogs from the Kanab, Utah sanctuary Best Friends Animal Society, and gives adopted dogs a new Ruffwear collar and leash to go home with.


      K9 Sports Sack

      k9 sport sack dog backpackThis Utah-based small business, which specializes in front-facing dog backpacks, donates a portion of its profits to rescues and shelters as part of their "No Dog Left Behind Promise."

      The 6 best dog treats on the market

      The 6 best dog treats on the market

      If your dog is a training addict, chances are he is eating A LOT of homework. That means you want to make sure that you're selecting treats that your dog is going to enjoy. But there are other factors to take into consideration as well. Here are some treats that tick important boxes. 

      Read more

      Looking For The Best Dog Treat Pouch? We Found It

      Looking For The Best Dog Treat Pouch? We Found It

      We used to think treat pouches were, generally speaking, not super sexy... but that might be changing, thanks to the likes of fanny-pack mega fan Kendall Jenner.

      Most people aren't accustomed to coveting someone else's belly bag, but trainers sure are! We are constantly eyeing one another's pouches, as there are many customizations that can help when working with a dog. Among some of the qualities most of us seek: sturdy fabric, multiple pockets, and a way to keep the mouth of the bag open for easy access without risking spilling the valuable contents of the bag. 

      A few years ago, we became the envy of all the dog trainers we knew. This was because we discovered Petaluma, CA entrepreneur Mimi Reid. We love its many pockets -- perfect for holding keys, a wallet, a phone, and enough treats to feed a horse, let a lone a dog. Because we trainers tend to wear their pouches pretty hard, we also appreciate the super sturdy Sunbrella fabric, which we've found can stand up to literally years of daily battering. The piece de resistance is the hinged opening, which keeps the opening wide for easy access during training. We have it snapping open and closed all day it holds up incredibly well. On the rare occasion the hinge needs to be replaced, Mimi is always happy to be the Treat Pouch doctor we always dreamed of. 

      Today, you'll rarely see our trainers without one of these strapped around his or her waist. 

      And our students love them, too!

      Mimi has found a way to meld form and function with her handmade hinged belted bait bags. In addition to making these treat pouches, she also custom makes word-emblazoned jackets for service dogs and for dogs who are looking for forever families. I asked her to tell me a little about how these bags came to be.

      Mimi Reid, of the Etsy shop Give A Dog A Home, and her happy dog, Cabana.

      What is the basis of your company’s name, Give A Dog A Home?

      This business came about because my younger daughter Stephanie was taking an entrepreneurship class in high school, so she and I started Give A Dog A Home. Stephanie came up with the name, and I felt it was very fitting.  She subsequently dropped the class, but this wonderful business was born and has been going full-tilt ever since.


      What prompted you to start making treat bags? 
      Our dog, Cabana, was a guide dog puppy we were raising to become a service dog.  Our puppy group leader gave us a French hinge training pouch, and I thought it was a great concept.  But it broke after about 6 months.  I decided to try to make a new one for myself because I wanted to improve on the design.  I felt it needed more pockets, and I didn’t like the way the old one flopped around when I ran with my dog.  I made about 5 different versions of the training pouch before I finally got it right.  I use my training pouch every single day, and I really don’t know what I’d do without it!
      What do you normally carry in your treat bag?
      Several different kinds of treats of varying values, and a few peanuts, which are Cabana’s highest value treats.  Poop bags, of course, a whistle because Cabana is trained to come with one, business cards, lip balm, car keys, and a carabiner which I sometimes use to clip Cabana’s leash to or hang my camera from.


      Do you use a treat bag regularly? For what kind of training and/or treats?
      Every single day, without fail, because I firmly believe that dogs should be exercised, played with, and worked with every day!
      Do you have a favorite treat pouch? We want to know all about it! If you want to add one of these beauts to your collection, you've come to the right place.